TEDx Rochester

I had great fun at the TEDx Rochester event today. If you’ve never seen a TED talk, you should watch a few. Many are available on Netflix, but they’re also available online here: www.ted.com
The talks today ranged from wind gardens in Kosovo to safe bike paths in Rochester. One thing I discovered is that the two talks that were heavily scientific were also (for me) very soporific. It shouldn’t be a surprise that technical scientific talks would be difficult to make accessible, but it was, and I blame RadioLab. If you’ve never listened to RadioLab, it’s like This American Life only with Science. And Math and Physics and all the sciences you thought were too hard to be understood in 10 minutes on the radio. Here’s one of my favorites. Go listen now. http://www.radiolab.org/2007/sep/24/behaves-so-strangely/

Oh, and you’re welcome.

Published by Eileen Daly-Boas

I'm an academic librarian interested in Education, Philosophy, Open Access and Digital Literacy.

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