I’m an Outreach Librarian for Education and Philosophy at the University of Rochester who is passionate about Open Educational Resources, digital scholarship, accessibility, and working with local high school students, teachers and librarians. I’m a work-in-progress with respect to issues around equity, inclusion and privilege. My pronouns are she/her/hers.

Why Batgirl? Our Outreach librarians all have super-hero cards to remind everyone both that we’re here to help, and we don’t take ourselves *too* seriously. And, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) was a librarian!

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My online guides are here. My laptop skin for when you see me in real life!

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Baking Adventures

My favorite ideas for inventions

My husband, Mike Boas, draws the odd inventions I would like to see in the world.


Librarian by day, bread baker by night. Consumer of media at nearly all waking moments.

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