Instructional Videos

Like most librarians, I create a lot of instructional videos. We recently migrated to a new library system, so new videos are in the pipeline. Here’s a few examples.

The River Campus Libraries provides support for all disciplines, and we work closely with our Writing classes, especially WRT 105 (an introductory course) and the writing classes on professional identity, WRT 27(x). When you’re looking to investigate graduate programs, using a database like Dimensions can help you find out more about the scholars you might be working with. This video is a quick introduction to an incredibly powerful database.

As the librarian for Education, I work with the Warner School of Education, and with their Center for Learning in the Digital Age (LiDA). We’ve created a Zotero group so we can have a shared database of articles and books on digital education. Here’s a primer for getting started with Zotero, an easy-to-use, open source reference manager.

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