What if… (Jersey Shore installment)

I’ve only seen about 20 minutes of the Jersey Shore. It reminded me of the hours spent getting ready for a night out when I was in college and my roommate was from Long Island. There was a lot of makeup, a lot of drama, and not a lot of intelligent conversation. Those evenings usuallyContinue reading “What if… (Jersey Shore installment)”

One reason my library rocks

A couple of years ago, we got a some new additions to our library: lots of natural light, and movable study spaces.  The technical services area moved upstairs to the former Management Library (they get a lot of sun now, too), and bricks were peeled off the facade and replaced with glorious, enormous windows. WithinContinue reading “One reason my library rocks”

Impotence, collateral damage and analytic metaphysics

The UR Philosophy department hosted Peter VanInwagen this Friday and his paper was a response to Bas VanFrassen’s criticism of analytic metaphysics. I hadn’t heard the criticism before, but it was critical of analytic philosophers’ methods. According to VanFrassen, the methods are both impotent and wreak collateral damage. Such philosophers introduce technical terms that aren’tContinue reading “Impotence, collateral damage and analytic metaphysics”

The situation in Pakistan

John Green, author of An Abundance of Katherines, an excellent young-adult novel, posted this in the vlog (video blog) he hosts with his brother, Hank Green. You can see their year-long odyssey of communicating only through videos here: brotherhood2.com. This post came about when he was asked to explain the situation in Pakistan – whichContinue reading “The situation in Pakistan”